Effective immediately, the following changes will take effect:

There is no longer a 5:30 p.m weekday Mass. 

There is no longer a Holy Hour on the First Monday.

There is no longer be a Spanish Mass on Sunday.

There is a 8:00 am Communion Service on Wednesdays instead of a Mass.


Please be aware that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply to those who are ill,especially those who suffer from contagious disease. It is a sign of consideration for others that those with flu like symptoms remain at home. For the convenience of those who are homebound, or unable to attend Mass because of illness or infirmity, Mass is broadcast each Sunday morning at 6:00 am on Channels 8,20 (Comcast), KTSF 26.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is February 14th. Masses will be at 8:00 am, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Ashes will be distributed during Mass. Please note that parking WILL NOT be available in Alta Vista Schoolyard.

As in the past, the following regulations are in place for abstaining and fasting during Lent: Abstinence : Everyone fourteen years of age and older is bound to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, the Fridays of Lent and Good Friday. Fast: Everyone eighteen years of age and older but under the age of sixty is bound to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. On these two days, the law of fast allows one full meal a day, but does not prohibit taking some food during the day, so long as this does not constitute another full meal. Drinking liquids during the day is permitted.

When health or the ability to work would be seriously affected, the law does not oblige. In doubt concerning fast or abstinence, a priest assigned to pastoral ministry or confessor should be consulted. In the spirit of penance, the faithful should not lightly excuse themselves from this obligation.


ICF Champagne Bingo

All parishioners are invited to attend the ICF Champagne Bingo on Sunday, March 11th in Cantwell Hall. Doors open at 12 noon. Lunch will consist of Salad, Half Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Roll & Butter, Dessert, Coffee/Tea. The cost is $25.00 and includes one bingo packet. Please call Mary Perata 415-239-5936 or Florence Mangion 415-468-1764 for reservations. Deadline for reservations is March 8th.